Uncovering more gems from Archangel

10th January

We thought we’d brighten up a really grizzly, overcast and now rather dark Monday here in London with an update on arguably our most exciting find of 2010 producing some of the most exciting wines any of us have tried before, certainly at their price points.  We’re taking you to Central Otago where we’ve just packed Julia off on a mission to unearth more gems from this incredible estate.

We received a rambling email over the weekend from a very excited Vintner wine buyer so here’s an edited version to put you in the frame ….

‘We flew into Queenstown early yesterday morning over the most beautiful mountain range on a gorgeous hot sunny morning.  Driving over the Crown Range we got the most stunning views of the area, and then made the journey up to Archangel where we were greeted by a very excited Missy – Mary’s yellow labrador! The view from Mary’s home is breath-taking over the Central Otago valley.

You can see for miles.  It’s as if we’re the only ones here along with all the wildlife.  Lunch was accompanied by a delicious glass of Archangel Pinot Gris 2009 (Ed’s note – the Vintner sold out today I’m afraid), and then drove down to Mary’s new tasting room – one month old yesterday.

The Pinot Gris 2010, if you can believe it, is even better than the 2009 – it’s outstanding! I can’t wait for you guys to taste it (Ed’s note – 100 cases being loaded on to a ship tomorrow with an ETA of early April we hope). The Riesling 2009 is also tasting excellent at the moment – aromatic, refreshing and really zippy (Ed’s note – the Vintner’s still got stock so please order and taste for yourself).

Mary’s vineyards are located in the heart of the valley with beautiful views all around you. I did some pruning and drove the bike around the vineyard! (Ed wants to know if this is Julia’s idea of work?)

We then drove over to Rippon Vineyards then back to the house for dinner in the setting sun overlooking the Otago Valley accompanied by lamb cutlets and Archangel Pinot Noir 2009 – does life get any better?! (Ed’s note – NO …  and don’t get used to it, we’ve got a business to build here!!)

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