The Vintner’s blogging again!!

26th November

Well we’re 60 trading days in to the life of the Vintner and we’ve realised we just haven’t been doing enough blogging…

We’ve been busy bees and a lot’s happened very quickly. Of course, the Vintner’s all about the wines, but we’ve got to put some piccies of our van up here delivering to a few of our favourite haunts. You’ll find Vintner wines in all of these three cracking watering holes so get in there during silly season and tell them how great their wines are …

The website’s changed a bit t00. We laughed at the please complain button and we hope you like it to. Please use it as we WILL listen! A few of our wonderful customers have commented that the wine list is difficult to navigate. We’d all agree with them. It was the idea of some numpty (Tom) to list the wines from Northern to Southern hemisphere … but didn’t think it was worth mentioning that in any communication we have with you who might read it. Anyway, we hope we’ve made it a bit easier to find the great wine you’re looking for. We’ll be moving to an online ordering site early in the new year – WOW! we hear you gasp!!

It’s still all about the wines though. We’ve been bowled over by the reaction we’ve had in every tasting we’ve shown them. The criteria we look for in a wine is that it over delivers beyond it’s label. In fact, we’ve delisted the three wines that failed the test last week and we’ll be ruthless in continuing to do this.

So… being all about the wines, watch this space. We’ve got our genie wine producers scheduled for a number of tastings throughout next year with old vintages, rare bottles and lots of excitement to boot and we’ll be putting a series of tastings on the website to ensure plenty of interest and plenty of availability.

More from us soon that’ll be a whole lot more interesting but, in the meantime, rip the blister out of a bottle of Claudio’s Barbera and see what you can dream up on the ‘please complain’ button.

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