The Vintner Tasting

6th August

837 wines later, 67 hours older and a few sets of very black teeth ….

We’ve finalised The Vintner’s 1st wine list!

All two of us (Charlie and Tom) are as excited as we’ve ever been in our entire time in the wine industry (Charlie 3 months, Tom … 13 years). The result of six months, painstaking work – plenty of early flights to Turin, Marseilles, Barcelona and beyond but we managed to get together no less than the 837 quoted above and from that our team of tasters (6 very experienced pallets) selected just 79 wines to make us … and hopefully you … happy.

We’ve absolutely chosen the right time to start the business. 2009 is an amazing vintage throughout Europe … and the rest of the world hasn’t done badly either. So… we’ve done the list, Tom’s hovering over a cheque book writing ‘plenty money’ to terribly charming Frenchies, Aussies and all sorts who (quite understandably) want paying before we ship the vino. Charlie’s enjoying his baptism of fire organising refrigerated trucks from far flung corners of Europe, the office looks like a bomb’s hit it and we’ve got 31 days ’til lift off…

Time to crack open a bottle of Paulinshof’s Riesling Kabinett me thinks!

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