12th August

We’re now really excited!!! One of the three last remaining and very important parts of our list is complete with the addition of a white, a red and a Rose that are most DEFINITELY the best wines at their price point that any of us have ever tasted.

Two bleary eyed vintners caught the 6am-ish Sleazy Jet to Toulouse yesterday and were tasting thirty or so different cuvĂ©es each of white, Rose and red. Great banter around the tasting table in our best franglais revolved around, ‘are we buying wine that we think the masses would love to drink?’ or, ‘are we buying wine that we would really love to drink’. Rightly or wrongly, we’ve gone for the latter, and we’re sure that they’ll turn a few heads.

We had Delphine, the chief winemaker, running around in circles, Vincent, the vineyard manager was marched a couple of miles round his vineyards so we could get a real feel for how he’s looking after his fruit, then Olivier the oenologist was woken from his slumber to unplug a few barrels in the cellar to taste some more wines from barrel. I never thought that I’d ever be excited about either a Pinot Grigio or a vin de la Vintner but I am about all these wines – they’re crackers and we’ll be proud to be putting our name to them from the 6th of September.

Welcome to Foncalieu

Delphine adjusting sugar levels.

Charlie gets stuck in.

Sauvignon Blanc grapes

Tom and Vincent talk harvest.

The early start takes its toll.

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